Nonprofit Humor

Two cartoon women holding a Nonprofit Humor Sign

Yes, there is nonprofit humor!

If you’re in the nonprofit sector, sometimes (okay, a LOT of times) you need a laugh – some nonprofit humor!

Why? You need nonprofit humor because nonprofit work is stressful.

  • Children who don’t have enough food.
  • Patients with heartbreaking diagnosis.
  • Donors  with unreasonable demands.

Need I go on?

Sometimes you need to just have to laugh, because otherwise you’d cry, like…

  • When you can’t count how many times you need to explain to a volunteer that even though you’re called a “nonprofit,” that yes, you can have a “profit” at year’s end. It’s healthy, and called a surplus.
  • When your board takes so much time to make a simple decision.
  • Or the number of times you heard “let’s put on a show!” to solve your financial woes.

These nonprofit humor videos are here to give you some relief… maybe make you think… and of course, to make you laugh – if not at the situation, then the absurdity of why anything that you see on the screen could actually happen in real life.

Enjoy the videos below, and let us know if you find more like them!