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We at Robert’s Rules know that non-profits cannot afford poorly run meetings.

Susan Leahy MA CSP is a certified speaking professional, coach, Robert’s Rules of Order creator and board dynamics expert. She is the co-founder of the global training and consulting company Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc.

As the founder of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, Susan Leahy has been helping boards since 2002 to run better meetings through understanding the fundamentals of Robert’s Rules of Order.  Susan’s online webinars, coaching for chairs, in person training and online products provide a fast and easy way to learn the rules of order.

Susan’s trainings and coaching are singular and unique as they focus on using the rules of order as a teambuilding tool. Susan’s ability to take complex and dry content and make it relevant and easily digestible is a unique talent. Her work sets board members up for success to run productive and effective meetings that will build morale, reinforce culture and support the vision of your non-profit.

Susan’s Training, Coaching & Webinar Offerings Include:

  • Robert’s Rules Made Simple Level 1 & 2
  • Chair with Confidence, Know What to Say When
  • Be a Better Board Member
  • From Group to TEAM
  • Women in Leadership

To learn more about Susan and her online offerings visit today! Let Susan help your non- profit run better meetings