The Good Partnership

The Good Partnership

Be the small non-profit the world needs.

Is fundraising keeping you up at night? You know, that nagging feeling that won’t leave you alone and causes stress and burn out? The Good Partnership can help you raise more money so you can focus on the work you love, sleep better at night, and change the world.

  • Stop losing sleep over running your small nonprofit.
  • Never enough money means your anxiety is high and your nights are sleepless.
  • Lack of resources leads to high burnout, turnover, and feeling like you’re letting everyone down.
  • The exhaustion never ends and you’re losing passion for the work you love the most.

Working with the Good Partnership is as simple as:

  1. Pick your plan – The Good Partnership offers courses for do it yourself fundraising, custom strategy for done with you fundraising, or complete all-inclusive done for you fundraising.
  2. Raise Funds – Now that you don’t have to figure this thing out the hard way, you can focus your fundraising energy to raise more money with less stress
  3. Sleep – Your nonprofit is doing great things in the world, and you don’t have to stay up all night worrying about it anymore.

Let’s work together

We understand your reality. We know you are overworked and have limited resources. We will always meet you where you are. We can get your organization raising money so you can focus on the work you love. We’ve helped small nonprofits raise over $8 million and counting!