Contract Clauses to Protect Nonprofit Consultants

10 Contract Clauses to Protect Nonprofit Consultants and Grantwriters

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Anyone who works as a consultant, freelancer or independent contractor to a nonprofit, or nonprofits who hire these types of workers, understands that having a good contract to spell out the agreement between that consultant and the client is essential. It’s a great way to clarify your relationship from the start and have a document to refer to if anything unexpected occurs.

But what should you include that protects you and your client?

While specifically directed to consultants and freelancers, this is a great course for any nonprofit manager or volunteer who hires consultants and freelancers.

Your instructor: Michele S. Perlstein, JD, MPH

Michele is a lawyer with a healthcare background and a writer with extensive experience in the operations and funding of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and charitable institutions. She loves working with nonprofits in particular because she is “passionate about working with meaningful organizations that are making a real impact in the communities they serve.” Look for more about Michele and her business at Greater Good Legal.

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