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5 Effective ways to Improve your Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts, by Philips Nonprofit Consulting

5 Effective ways to Improve your Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts is FREE courtesy of Philips Nonprofit Consulting

1 Lesson / 13 Minutes / FREE

Fundraising is tough. You’re trying to find new donors, and keep your current ones happy. And then there’s the work you need to put into it! But if you want to be a successful nonprofit, fundraising is an essential part of that success. Covid -19 has made in-person fundraising difficult gave five types of fundraising you can try out no matter the size of your nonprofit

1. Learn to focus more on Individual Giving
2. Build a Donor Funnel
3. Have a Donor Acquisition Strategy
4. Focus on Online Fundraising by Using E-mail, Social Media, and Online Fundraising Events
5.Have a Plan and Stick to It

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