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9 Unique and Effective Digital Marketing For Nonprofit, by Philips Nonprofit Consulting

9 Unique and Effective Digital Marketing For Nonprofit is FREE courtesy of Philips Nonprofit Consulting

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Nonprofits need to do more than just fundraising. With the right digital marketing strategies, you can increase donations and volunteer numbers while also improving your organization’s visibility in the community. Digital marketing is no longer just about social media and email. Digital marketing is about a personal brand in the online space from creating content to campaigns. In this video, I share 9 effective ways nonprofit organizations can use digital marketing to grow their reach!

1. Finding who your audience is and connecting with them
2. How to develop content for an audience
3. how to communicate on different social media
4. How to communicate consistently
5. Becoming a better storyteller
6. optimizing your website
7. Expanding your email list
8. using latest marketing tools
9. Focus on your message and your audience

Resources mentioned in the video
1. Coogle: Brainstorm all your projects with this interactive drag and drop mind-map builder.
2. Creative Commons: Search for free photos that you can modify and legally use for commercial purposes.
3. Headliner: Create short videos with text to use on social media for free.
4. Persona Creator by Xtensio: Remember point 1: Know your target audience? This will help you create that persona of your ideal target audience.

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