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A Collaborative Approach to Engaging Your Board in Fundraising, by Bloomerang

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Frustrated with board members saying that they’ll help – only to see nothing happen? Tired of fundraising being an afterthought at board meetings? Waiting for the day when others will be as excited about fundraising as you once were?

Fundraising success depends on many critical factors, not the least of which is having a collaborative approach to the fundraising process. For philanthropy to be truly fulfilling for donors (thus assuring that they will continue their contributions and become a sustaining source of funds for the organization) the following collaborative mindsets must exist:

Program staff is committed to measuring impact and collecting stories. The chief executive for the organization embraces their role as the chief asker. The board regularly discusses fundraising and embraces their role as ambassadors. Support staff recognize unique needs of fundraising and work collaboratively to meet those needs. Fundraising professionals seek out partnerships and approach planning as a joint effort. In this presentation, we’ll explore what you’ll need to know to build a collaborative approach within your organization – regardless of what your official role is.

Time will be given for a lively Q&A session.

About the presenter:

Kirsten Bullock, CFRE, MBA is an author, trainer and consultant who works with leaders of nonprofit organizations to help nonprofits engage their boards and raise the money they need. She earned her designation as a Certified Fund Raising Executive in 2002. Since 1995, Kirsten has worked with health care organizations, social service providers, national and local ministries, and international membership associations. Kirsten is on the board of the Association for Fundraising Professionals Greater Louisville Chapter. She is an AFP Master Trainer, is the author of Simple Steps to Growing Your Donors and is a contributing author to The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits.

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