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A Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning, by Bloomerang

A Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning is FREE courtesy of Bloomerang

1 Lesson / 41 Minutes / FREE

Imagine how history might have changed if Martin Luther King, Jr. had said, “I have a strategic plan”, instead of his famous words, “I have a dream”. What are your organization’s dreams for the future? On the practical side, are you worried about the future? What are the critical issues you face? Have you taken the time to think big and think real about where your organization will be in one year, three years, five years? Does your nonprofit have a shared vision and a roadmap for getting there?

Participants will learn key elements in a successful strategic planning process:

being inclusive and proactive in engaging stakeholders

building consensus and “ownership”

making data-driven decisions

ensuring measurability and accountability

being future-focused

You’ll also see how the process worked for one community college and how college stakeholders engage in reviewing, modifying, and updating the plan each year.

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