A Nonprofit Executive's Guide to Cyber Security

A Nonprofit Executive’s Guide to Cyber Security

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Cyber security is always in the news. It seems every week a new government agency or Fortune 500 company gets attacked and loses some of its, and your, private information. But what about the average 501(c)(3)? Nonprofits store their share of private information. And with their limited resources, keeping that information secure is often overlooked or under resourced. Information such as donor data, credit card information, staff employment and health insurance are to often ripe for hacking in the nonprofit sector.

Imagine how your donors and the public would react if they learned you have put their information at risk. It’s a nightmare scenario. Then there are ransom attacks.

Join us as we discuss the latest insights as to what your organization needs to keep itself secure in a world of constant cyber threats.

Speaker: Lynn M. Souza, CEO, Kyber Security and Mario DiNatale, CTO, Kyber Security