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Course Title: Strategic Planning 101: “Your Roadmap To Success: Mastering The Basics”

Course Description: Knowing where you want your organization to be in the future and how to get there is no simple task. Many avoid strategic planning because they see it as a daunting and time-consuming venture leading to an irrelevant document full of incomprehensible expectations and unrealistic steps never to be seen again. Yet, without a sound strategic plan, you lack the foundation and direction for taking initiative and moving towards the objectives you’ve set for success. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to obtain success, but where do you start? With the basics of course!

This course will not only guide you through the journey of creating a strategic plan, but also teach your leadership how to think intentionally when it comes to the positioning of the organization. We will discuss action steps you need to complete prior to the planning process in order for it to be truly effective. You shall learn how to design a living, breathing road-map that is flexible, but active and engaging with leadership’s responsibilities. And most importantly, teach you how to ensure continued progress and measurable outcomes on your road-map that will allow you to focus in on your mission and its impact

  • Course Hours: Half-Day (4 Hours)
  • Delivery Method: Online Live or In-Person Live
  • Includes: Expert content delivery, course customization, related materials provided in electronic format, live interaction with your audience.
  • Amount: $3,725 USD*
  • This course is also available in Extended In Depth and Express formats

*transportation and accommodations not included


Aashi MitalAashi Mital holds a Master of the Arts in American History and Egyptology. After spending nearly a decade aiding a variety of businesses, nonprofits and creative professionals around the world, she decided to establish her own international consulting firm- Pivotal Solutions Consulting.

Ensuring that others have the opportunity to continue to fulfill their passion and purpose has always been hers. By generating growth strategies, focusing on problem solving, and offering disruptive solutions, Pivotal Solutions Consulting allows Aashi to continue her pursuit of sustainability, organizational health, professional development and community involvement.

Ms. Mital participates in private and public speaking engagements, incorporating subjects like that of executive leadership, strategic planning, nonprofit standards and practices, and emotional intelligence. She has published several books and publications covering a sundry of interdisciplinary topics including geopolitical patterns, executive leadership, business and engineering economics, goal planning, human productivity and historical perspectives.

Aashi has worked on the boards of various international publications and organizations, including Archaeological Magazine, the Organization of American Historians and the International Journal of Industrial Engineering. She is a recipient of the Craig Waff Visionary of Excellence Award, MHS Leadership Honor and MHS Preservation Award. In 2018, she received an honorary Master of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame in light of her continuing global contribution to businesses and nonprofits.

Being amongst the most sought out consultants in the region, one of her greatest passions and missions is to strengthen the presence of organized leadership through building powerful, productive relationships.

Some of Aashi’s interests include traveling, martial arts and dedicating time on efforts with emphasis on education initiatives, domestic violence and the prevention of animal cruelty.

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