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If you are ready to set up your nonprofit and need tools, Activate from The Savvy Servant is for you!!  Get the Activate Tools, now, including:

1.  Strategic Plan Template

2.  Business Plan Sample-Template

3.  Board Member Invitation Letter Template

4. Board Member Application Template

5.  Board Member Commitment Statement Template

6.  Board Officers and Committee Chair Duties Template

7.  Board Meeting Agenda Sample

8.  Bylaws Template

This is definitely worth it. Get it now!

9.  Founder’s Guiding Principles/Core Values Sample

10.  IRS Form 1023 Application (501c3)

11.  Employee Identification Number Application (EIN)

12.  Dissolution Plan

13.  Organization Overview Sample

14.  Policy Template (w/Sample Conflict of Interest Policy)

15.  Prospective Volunteer Letter

16.  Volunteer Application

17.  Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability

18.  Confidentiality Agreement Template

19.  Authorization for Criminal Background Check Sample

20.  Program Planner

Get it and get started, now!

21.  Community Needs Assessment Sample

22.  Fundraising Plan Template

23.  Budget Projections Template

24.  Nonprofit Balance Sheet Sample

25.  Social Media Guide

26.  Media Consent and Release Template

27.  Press Release Sample

28.  Public Service Announcement Sample

29.  Nonprofit Announcement Sample

30.  List of State Charitable Officials

31.  Sample Memo of Understanding (MOU)

32.  Sample Letter to Local Government Officials

33.  Sample Pitch Email to Local Media

34.  Program Process Guide

35.  List of Non-Traditional Holidays and Observances

Whew! That’s a lot. Get it today.

All documents can be edited and include sample language to help you word your content.  


-Grant Proposal Toolkit

-Event Sponsorship Toolkit


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