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An Ultimate Guide To Successful Peer 2 peer #fundraising campaign, by Philips Nonprofit Consulting

An Ultimate Guide To Successful Peer 2 peer #fundraising campaign is FREE courtesy of Philips Nonprofit Consulting

1 Lesson / 11 Minutes / FREE

Nonprofits and organizations are turning to Peer 2 peer fundraising campaigns because it provides a way for them to raise funds without any upfront costs. In this video, I show you how to create an effective campaign that will get donations from the public.

I’m going to be covering things like:
1) How P2P fundraising is different than other types of fundraising
2) How do nonprofits set up their campaigns
3) The three pillars of a successful campaign
4) Tips on how to make your campaign go viral
5) How much money can you expect per donation
6) Things not to do in your campaign.
A lot of people are looking online for advice on running these types of campaigns so hopefully this information.

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