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Are you ready for the perfect Fundraising Plan?!, by Get Fully Funded

Are you ready for the perfect Fundraising Plan?! is FREE courtesy of Get Fully Funded

1 Lesson / 1 Minute / FREE

Are you ready for the perfect Fundraising Plan template?

Just image:
No more wondering what you should be doing each day.
Knowing exactly how you’ll raise the money your nonprofit needs to operate.
Having specific, concrete strategies for fundraising.
Having confidence that your plan will WORK!

Join me THIS Thursday, February 4th where I’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to get your plan DONE in 1 day.

A complete fundraising plan is more than just when you’ll ask for money during the year. It also includes strategies for raising awareness, finding new donors, and developing diverse revenue streams.

To make this easier for you, we’re including all the tools and trainings you’ll need to make the dream of having a plan together a reality!

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