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AUDIO: The Single Most Overlooked Part of Production (seriously), by Utopia Experience

AUDIO: The Single Most Overlooked Part of Production (seriously) is FREE courtesy of Utopia Experience

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Even if they don’t understand the details, clients can appreciate the years of experience needed to make sure that the program runs smoothly and the technology works as intended. Mostly. But there’s a part of event production that’s almost universally overlooked. Something that even some production staff take for granted…

If it’s working well, most people won’t even notice audio technology. It’s not as visually impressive as professional staging, state-of-the-art lighting, or massive LED displays. Because of that, many event planners take good audio for granted. They’ll under-invest in equipment, assuming that any system will work. They’ll avoid paying for experienced technicians, assuming that anyone can handle it.

But audio is one of the most technically challenging aspects of event production! It requires highly specialized knowledge and expensive equipment. It’s also critical to your success; don’t under-invest in audio!

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