Managing Risk Exposure for Nonprofits

Auto Liability and Workers’ Compensation: Managing Risk Exposure for Nonprofits

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Personal bodily injuries (car wrecks, slips and falls, dog bites, soft tissue injuries, back pain, etc) really are a principal exposure for nonprofits. No one wants to deal with it, but we need to. Nonprofits must control these types of, at times, frequent losses.

Analyzing coverage forms and putting them in the context of actual claims improves understanding of liability. Auto liability claims can be complex, particularly when employees are driving on behalf of their employer.

Establishing fault and identifying who owns the liability is key. Hired non-owned auto is an important coverage for all nonprofits to understand, but more importantly, nonprofits must understand the connection between owned-auto and workers’ compensation.

In this hour long session, we’ll examine comparative liability, establishing fault as well as outcomes as they relate to facts.

We’ll also look closely at auto-liability, hired/non-owned auto and workers’ compensation coverage forms and see how they are applied from a claims standpoint.

This will be a fast paced, interactive presentation designed to engage you and inform you.


Ben S. Jonas, ARM, Trust Representative, 501(c) Agencies Trust