Be the Best Board Member You Can be

Be the Best Board Member You Can Be, by Linda Lysakowski

Be the Best Board Member You Can Be is FREE courtesy of Linda Lysakowski

Are you a frustrated nonprofit board member trying to meet what seems like unrealistic expectations? Are you looking forward to serving on a board and aren’t quite sure what to expect? Are you a nonprofit executive who wants to help board members understand their role?

If so, this course is the answer.

Many board members (and executive directors) don’t know the difference between governance and management. They aren’t quite sure what is expected of them. They want to succeed, but they just don’t know how. They are either too involved or an uninvolved “rubber stamp” for the chief executive.  They are uncertain about how to interact with staff, don’t know how much financial authority they have, or don’t know what to do in sticky fundraising situations.

Want different results? This course will help you understand the roles of board and staff, how boards are typically structured, and the differences between management and governance. We will talk about the four roles of board members: leadership, governance, fundraising, and assessment. We will discuss the questions you should ask when considering joining a board, and how a thoughtful process of board recruitment can help you be the best board member you can be.

If you want to learn what board member roles are in leadership, governance, assessment, and fundraising, this is the perfect course for you.

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