Become a (Prospect) Research Connector!

Become a (Prospect) Research Connector!

The Research Connector program is a monthly membership community for prospect research professionals

Looking to connect with peers to advance your career? Do you get tasked to “research that?”

Short on time and looking for curated self-learning experiences?

When you join the Research Connectors, you and your peers serve as a virtual professional prospect research department, supporting each other as you encounter new situations. Moderated by Jennifer Filla, you boost your job performance through content, discussion, practice, and peer feedback.

Imagine the next time you get asked to do something you’re not sure about. You reach out to your fellow members and get suggestions, resources, and moral support. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

You have the skills and talent – you just need affordable, ongoing learning and support to keep your prospect research efforts on track and growing.

Join the Research Connectors to connect, innovate, and grow!

Join now – monthly or yearly.

How It Works

As a Research Connector, every month you can…

  • Attend the live, online Master Class featuring practical topics with how-to and even practice homework.
  • Discuss how to apply new ideas and skills at your office and share resources.
  • Access our flagship course for beginners, Essentials for Successful Fundraising Research, where you learn key skills across the different areas of prospect research. (And you can practice on your organization’s information. Talk about hands-on!)
  • Connect with peers, sharing obstacles and triumphs.

In this private community, you never have to worry about asking dumb questions! When confronted with strange research requests or worried that you should be finding information you can’t, you can reach out to the community and get quick answers – and plenty of support and understanding, too.

All this for less than the cost of attending a conference!

You Will Also Receive Essentials for Successful Fundraising Research.

This on-demand course teaches you how to identify good prospects, perform profile research, and track prospects using prospect management techniques.

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