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Beginner’s Guide to Corda Development Course

Corda blockchain is a tamper-evident, shared digital ledger that records transactions in a public or private peer-to-peer network. Distributed to all member nodes in the network, the ledger permanently records the history of asset exchanges that take place between the peers in the network, in a sequential chain of cryptographic hash-linked blocks.

101 Blockchains’ Beginner’s Guide to Corda Development course covers the concepts you need to know to get started with the development of CorDapps on the Corda platform. CorDapps are the distributed applications, that effectively smart contracts with Corda. 

This training course has been designed for system engineers, software developers, blockchain developers, software architects, application architects, and enterprise architects. However, if you are a blockchain enthusiast, aspiring to build a successful career in Blockchain, this course will help you learn the fundamentals of Blockchain and Corda Development.

What we will cover to help you get expertise in Corda Development

  • The network architecture of Corda
  • Key Concepts and Terminology
  • How to create assets and smart contracts
  • How to make transactions
  • How Legal Prose is implemented
  • Proper use cases for Corda
  • How to become a Certified Corda Developer

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