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Best Practices for Staying Focused and Engaged, by Lorman

Best Practices for Staying Focused and Engaged is brought to you by Lorman

Learn how to stay motivated and focused while dealing with the ever-changing environment.

Everyone has had to face new challenges over the last two years. During the pandemic, many organizations drastically altered their work structures. Remote work became the norm. Working from home and hybrid work schedules have posed unique challenges for professionals in every industry. Some people are finding it difficult to stay focused and engaged at work. These uncertain times have derailed organizational norms into disarray. Workplace activities have changed dramatically. Job performances and daily lives shifted overnight. With all the chaos, the critical question becomes, how do you stay focused, engaged, motivated, and on your best game with all of the disruptions and distractions. This extraordinary event has forced people to redefine priorities, alter plans and change their day-to-day activities. At the forefront of these transformations is staying focused and engaged at work. This constitutes changing your mindset to increase engagement and rediscover your passions for your career and professional aspirations. Staying focused on your task, priorities, and mission is vital to your success. Having this mindset is likely to benefit you professionally, as well as the organizations where you are employed. This doesn’t come easy when you are overwhelmed with daily diversions and multiple projects that demand your attention. So how do you live out your organization’s mission in your daily work? How do you redefine your purpose and your values to continue to excel at your job? How do you stay motivated and focused while still dealing with the ever-changing environment? If you are struggling to stay focused and productive, this webinar will help you meet these challenges. You will learn strategies to help you to perform at a higher level, stay motivated, and be more engaged. You will learn tools that will help you make the best of your innate strengths, mitigate your challenges and stay focused.

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