Beyond “By the Book” Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Beyond “By The Book” Strategic Planning: A Market-Driven Approach

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Effective planning requires rigor and investment but need not be especially protracted or costly.

This session suggests that a focus on three processes, pursued in an integrated manner, can produce strategic direction which allows a nonprofit to thrive in the context of the realities in which it operates.

The three are:

  • strategic engagement,
  • marketplace analysis,
  • and “Good to Great” analysis (assessment of the agency based on key elements of the book of that name by Jim Collins)

—an unorthodox mix that can prepare a nonprofit to discover what its mission and constituents need for it to be and do.

Participants will find these concepts defined broadly and how to make the case for lifting them up to produce strategic direction which enables their nonprofit to survive and flourish in the face of today’s—and tomorrow’s—realities.