Using PowerPoint for Marketing

This is a NonprofitToolKit Master Class

Course Fee: $74

Do you dream of one app that could do it all—crop that photo for Facebook, lay out that new org chart and whip up a few infographics for your website? An app that’s easy to learn? That everyone in the office can use? THAT YOU PROBABLY ALREADY OWN?

In our next MasterClass, Beth Brodovsky and Meghan Reilly of Iris Creative will show you the secret powers of PowerPoint—the easy, all-in-one-tool that will having you checking items off your to-do list in no time!

In this practical session, you’ll learn how to use PowerPoint to:

  • Design publications and social media graphics, crop photos and edit vector images.
  • Create org charts, sitemaps and infographics—even website mockups.
  • Make your own short animations and videos.
  • Plus, we’ll give you a good dose of inspiration on creative ways you can put PowerPoint to work for you!

Who is this for?
Marketing, communications and development staff who need to create, plan, or prototype any sort of visual resources in their role.