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Beyond the Logo: Building Your Nonprofit’s Brand Identity, by Keela

Beyond the Logo: Building Your Nonprofit’s Brand Identity is FREE courtesy of Keela

Learn how your nonprofit’s brand identity can attract and inspire donors and supporters

Beth Brodovsky, President of Iris Creative Group Inc.

Although your logo is a central part of your nonprofit’s identity, it is only one tool in the branding toolbox. Your brand is built on four key elements that work together to showcase your organization’s mission: Audience, Message, Image, and Experience. 

In this half-hour session, we’ll explore how these elements can help your nonprofit to attract the right donors and inspire them to action. We’ll focus on how to manage your nonprofit’s design procedures to create a lasting impact.

From color palettes to photo choice and graphic style, we’ll answer questions about expanding your brand and ensuring your visual design resonates with your ideal donors and supporters. 

You’ll learn:

  • The audience that resonates with your nonprofit’s brand identity
  • How to build out a visual system 
  • How to balance consistency with variety 

About Beth Brodovsky

As the president of Iris Creative Group Inc., Beth Brodovsky works with nonprofit leaders to focus their audience and move them to action. For 25 years, Beth and her team have developed nonprofit branding, marketing, and fundraising communication. She runs Nonprofit Toolkit, training programs to grow in-house marketing skills on staff, hosted the 200-episode Driving Participation Podcast, and speaks on nonprofit marketing nationally.

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