invited to serve on a nonprofit board

Board Bound Leadership

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8 Lessons / $399.00 / CFRE Approved for 8 Hours

See Board Bound Leadership

A course for board members to prepare them for their roles in leadership, governance, assessment, and fundraising

Course Description: This course is for board members of nonprofit organizations, those who have been invited to serve on a nonprofit board, and those who aspire to be board members. This course is divided into four modules, each with two lessons within the module.

Module 1: Lessons 1 & 2 Leadership: Leadership versus Governance

We will cover:

  • You as a Leader
  • Transitioning from for-profit to nonprofit thinking
  • The five essential elements of intentional leadership
    • Holder of vision and values
    • Creator of collaboration and innovations
    • Influencer of leadership
    • Advocator for agency and community
    • Calibrator of responsibly and accountability

Module 2: Lessons 3 & 4: Governance: Roles, Responsibility, Compliance

We will cover:

  • The relationship between boards and the CEO
  • What success looks like
  • Ethic
  • Profit versus impact
  • Board roles and responsibilities:
    • Legal and financial issues
    • Identification, recruitment, and orientation of board members
    • Board/staff relations
    • Board meetings
    • Board committees
    • Competing governance models
    • Board member motivation and accountability

Module 3: Lesson 5 & 6 Fundraising: Being a Champion of Sustainability

We will cover:

  • Is your house in order for fundraising?
  • Fundraising strategies and when to use them
  • Donor-centered fundraising
  • Understanding where your organization s in its fundraising cycle
  • The donor pyramid
  • The fundraising effectiveness ladder
  • Fundraising the SMART Way
  • The board’s role in the four major functions of fundraising:
    • Identification
    • Cultivation
    • Solicitation
    • Stewardship

Module 4: Lessons 7 & 8: Assessment: Internal and External

We will cover:

Program Assessment:

  • How effective are your programs?
  • How to measure outcomes


  • Evaluating the board as a whole
  • Evaluating individual board member performance
  • Board recruitment to address areas of need


  • The development audit
  • The Leaky Bucket
  • Addressing areas of weakness: Fixing the leaks
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