Team of Fundraising Volunteers

Build a Dream Team of Fundraising Volunteers

4 Lessons / $299.00 / Approved for 3.5 CFRE Hours

This course brought to you by Linda Lysakowski.

See Build a Dream Team of Fundraising Volunteers

If you are involving volunteers in any form of fundraising, you’re one step ahead. But for many organizations, fundraising volunteers are only involved in special events and menial support tasks. This four-lesson course will help you involve volunteers in more meaningful fundraising role. You will learn:

• How to involve volunteers in all your fundraising activities

• How to find the right volunteers for the right task

• How to orient, train, and educate volunteers

• How to keep them coming back

And more

Lesson Summary:

Lesson One: Why Volunteers are Important in Fundraising—there are many reasons to involve volunteers in your fundraising including the fact that lend credibility to your efforts

Lesson Two: How to Involve Volunteers in Fundraising—volunteers are looking for meaningful roles they can play in every aspect of your fundraising from planning to planned giving

Lesson Three: Recruiting Fundraising Volunteers—from finding volunteers to how to approach them and get them to say yes

Lesson Four: Working with Volunteers–keeping your good volunteers by training and educating them, providing them with the support they need, and recognizing their efforts.