Donor Relations that Lead to Major Gifts

Build Donor Relations that Lead to Major Gifts

6 Lessons / $349 / 6 CFRE Hours

This course brought to you by Linda Lysakowski.

See Build Donor Relations that Lead to Major Gifts

There are lots of courses out there on major gifts, many focusing on how to make the ask. We’ll cover that in this course as well, but here’s what makes our course different. We focus on building relationships that lead to major gifts. In this Six Lesson Course you will learn how to:

  • Develop relationships from the point of entry
  • Provide good donor retention
  • Learn how to upsell and cross sell your donors
  • Get the right people involved in your major gift program
  • And more

Summary of Lessons

  • Lesson One: Getting Started–Annual donors are your best prospects for major gifts, how to get them in the door and keep them.
  • Lesson Two: Finding Donors—researching ability, linkages, and interests, the key components in major gift fundraising.
  • Lesson Three: Cultivating Donors—getting to know your donors and understanding their needs and desires.
  • Lesson Four: Stewarding Donors—the key to donor retention is thanking, recognizing, using their money wisely, and reporting it properly.
  • Lesson Five: Preparing to Make the Ask—building the team, knowing the options, having all your ducks in a row before you talk to the donor.
  • Lesson Six: Making the Ask—having the right person ask the right person, at the right time, for the right amount, for the right purpose.