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Building A Storytelling Culture, by Bloomerang

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1 Lesson / 58 Minutes / FREE

Stories are the lifeblood of fundraising. Whether in letters, emails, the web or in-person, donors are motivated by the stories that prove your mission. But what kinds of stories work best? And how do you find them? Once located, how do you build a system to archive them for ready access? And an even bigger challenge for some organizations, is getting the cooperation of program side team members who run across great, mission-related stories all the time but who are not tuned into your needs as a fundraiser.

With “Building A Storytelling Culture,” Advocace Vice President Jerry Grimes has created a short, to-the-point workshop to answer these questions and more.

Learning Objectives: to learn the value of stories and how to identify, refine and archive them so they will generate results in your fundraising.

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