Building Relationships while Working Remotely

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1 Lesson/ 55 minutes / FREE

With all the office buildings and school closures resulting from COVID-19, many businesses are transitioning from traditional to distributed office spaces – home! This new ‘home office’ is dramatic and will invoke deep personal capacity to establish and maintain relationships with colleagues, customers, and family.

This webinar will address two vital skills to manage relationships in the virtual world – empathy and trust.

The central question of this webinar is, ‘how do we establish relations in the absence of water cooler encounters, business lunches, hallway meetings, etc.?’ We will explore the elements of trust and how awareness of these can create enduring relationships. We will also examine the role of empathy, a core organizational and personal capacity, to help drive stakeholder engagement, build collaborative relations, and achieve financial success.

The bottom line is that in this new world, we have to understand and practice ‘cognitive flex,’ the ability to adapt and apply vital skills in a world that will be mediated by technology.