take the pain out of your capital campaign

Capital Campaigns: Yes, You Can Do It!

8 Lessons / $429 / Approved for 7.5 CFRE Hours

This course brought to you by Linda Lysakowski.

See Capital Campaigns: Yes, You Can Do It!

What do think of when you hear the words, “capital campaign?” The Pain part? The mystery of rocket science? The disruption of your daily fundraising efforts? In this eight-lesson course, we’ll take the pain out of your campaign and give you everything you need to know. In this course you will learn:

  • How to assess your readiness for a campaign
  • What kind of campaign materials you will need
  • How to find the right campaign chair
  • How to find and solicit donors
  • Whether you need a planning study
  • How to manage life after the campaign
  • And More

Summary of Lessons:

  • Lesson One: Are You Ready for a Campaign—do you have the infrastructure in place including software, human resources, a compelling case?
  • Lesson Two: Volunteer Roles in the Campaign—the roles of staff, board, volunteers, and consultants in a successful campaign.
  • Lesson Three: The Planning Study—what is a study, do you need one, how does it work, how long will it take, how much will it cost?
  • Lesson Four: Seven Keys to a Successful Campaign—the keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Lesson Five: Finding the Right Campaign Chair—the right volunteer leadership can make or break your campaign. Do you need co-chairs, a vice-chair, and honorary chair?
  • Lesson Six: Finding and Soliciting Donors—Obviously, a big need for your campaign, who are your best donor prospects and how do you approach them?
  • Lesson Seven: The Campaign Plan—The key to a successful campaign is having all the strategies in place before you start including a campaign budget and timeline.
  • Lesson Eight: Life After the Campaign—how to build on the strengths of your campaign for a stronger development program in the future.

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