Causability and The New Way to Crowd Fund, by Courageous Communications

Causability and The New Way to Crowd Fund is FREE courtesy of Courageous Communications

1 Lesson / 31 Minutes / FREE

✭About Liz London:

She is an artist out of Dallas who exhibited all over the country. With her creative energy, she created two projects namely, “Art For Your Cause” and “The Causability” .

Key Takeaways:

✭Empower people to do good with their purchase. Reward people with the opportunity to give, share, and help.
✭With your help, cause-based businesses can take over traditional capitalism, building a new kind of economy where companies give more than it takes.
✭Create win-win-win situations where the business and the client profits from a transaction – while also benefiting a cause or a group of people’s needs.
✭Make people feel good about giving by applying incentives and creating systems that make the process smooth and easy.

“The ultimate giving without selling something — it’s reverse capitalism — we’re flipping the switch on capitalism to be a cause-based economic system.” — Liz London

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