Cause Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

“Cause Marketing” for Nonprofit Organizations

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Cause marketing partnerships are of particular importance in these challenging economic times, when corporate partners are looking for ways of leveraging their limited marketing budgets and nonprofits are struggling to stay afloat. When companies and causes successfully collaborate on a strategic, mutually beneficial commercial effort, they can make a difference in tackling a societal problem and generate loyalty, attention, and patronage from consumers, employees, investors, and opinion leaders. Join us to learn more about this rapidly blossoming concept, and discover new and innovative ways to generate revenue for your organization.

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We invite you to spend a valuable hour with CharityNet USA and our Director of Nonprofit Services Melanie Swift and discover another way we can help your nonprofit organization cannot only overcome, but grow during the current economic conditions.

As the past shows: the economy will recover, resources will catch up with us and finances will level out. Don’t wait for recovery to happen, get started growing your nonprofit now. When America recovers, your nonprofit will not only be in the game, but you will be an MVP!