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Change Management for Changing Times (Video, MP3)

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Change management is the art and science of helping people to prepare for changes or disruptions that are or will be occurring. The discipline of change management can seem daunting and complex, particularly when you are already in the midst of change and/or are short on time.

But there is a simple way to look at change management that can help you create meaningful impacts for your organization today.

Build Consulting’s Peter Mirus (Partner) leads a discussion about how to apply best practices in change management to both planned and unplanned changes in our world, in our business practices, and in our technology projects. He introduces an easy framework for change management, relating it to real-world examples. Peter also takes questions from attendees regarding how to apply this framework to their current business and technology project challenges.

If your nonprofit is struggling with change management decisions and methods, Build can help. Peter draws on years of experience consulting with nonprofits on technology projects to give you practical steps to implement quickly.