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Codes and Standards of an Ethical Fundraising Program, by Lorman

Codes and Standards of an Ethical Fundraising Program is brought to you by Lorman

Don’t lose funds due to potentially unethical fundraising practices.

Fundraising goes to the critical relationship between a nonprofit organization and its donors. To ensure donor acquisition, retention and stewardship, the conduct of fundraising activities by an organization should adhere to the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct. Fundraising is increasingly a focus of nonprofit organizations in the face of reduced governmental support coupled with a rise in the demand for services and programming offered by such organizations. While the development staff may be officially charged with the responsibility of fundraising, all key stakeholders of an organization play a role in fundraising efforts. The executive director and senior staff are the public face of an organization, and foundations increasingly view their grants as an investment in these individuals as much as in the organization. Board members are the ambassadors for the organization’s mission and with the trend of “give or get”, trustees are often active fundraisers. Attorneys and accountants, whether representing organizations or advising organizations in roles as trustees or supporters, must be aware of the State and federal regulation of the conduct of solicitation activities. This topic will discuss how organizations can engage in fundraising campaigns which are in compliance with legal and tax reporting obligations, as well as respecting the special relationships with donors and funders. Finally, the topic will discuss how to preserve the integrity of fundraising activities as they move online with the innovations in fundraising created by new technologies.

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