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Compromise to Keep Your Customers Happy, by Lorman

Compromise to Keep Your Customers Happy is brought to you by Lorman

Sometimes compromise is the best solution to keep your customers happy and loyal – Learn and understand how to compromise and how to do it well.

Dealing with customers can be a challenge; yet, without our customers we don’t exist. Unhappy customers aren’t just unhappy, these unhappy customers tell others about it online and face-to-face. More people than ever are relying on customer reviews in their decision-making process when purchasing products or services. So how do customer service professionals find a middle ground to meet the customers’ expectations and the business reality? Customer service professionals can create the middle ground through compromise. This topic will help customer service professionals understand the importance of customer relationships and how to navigate to a middle ground with compromise. The session also highlights the advantages and disadvantages of compromise and steps to avoid. This information is necessary in the workplace, as many professionals do not practice their negotiation skills and thus are missing on opportunities for successful business relationships through compromise.

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