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Confident Communication Strategies for Women, by Lorman

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Learn how to communicate more directly, confidently and effectively.

Despite abundant evidence that gender equality in leadership is good for business, an overwhelming majority of organizations say advancing women into leadership roles is not a formal business priority. In fact, women hold only 18 percent of senior leadership positions among 2,300 organizations surveyed worldwide. In other words, men occupy approximately 82 percent of the most influential roles in organizations. And promoting women is not a formal business priority at 79 percent of surveyed organizations. Now, more than ever, women need to act with a sense of urgency to increase their influence in the workplace and their communities. While it’s a stereotype that women are natural communicators, they sometimes struggle to make their voices heard in the workplace. However, by understanding gender differences in communication, the impact of body language, and the factors that attract and hold a listener’s attention, women can learn to successfully communicate with even the toughest of crowds. Professionals attending this program will learn effective and confident communication in the workplace to enhance their professional image, allow for a greater contribution to the strategy of their company, be recognized for their efforts, and use techniques learned to lead to subsequent advancements and promotions in their industry.

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