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Confident Networking – Network less but network better!, by Diane Darling

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Confident Networking – “Network less but network better!”

Networking…That fear-inducing and confidence-sucking word to so many people. It’s supposed to be a powerful practice to help us grow our businesses and careers. But then why does networking feel like we’re dragging ourselves to a dreaded cocktail party in desperate search for sales and leads? Why do we get so overwhelmed by fears of having to meet people, feel judged, remember names, “work the room”, etc? According to our guest expert, Diane Darling, our fear of networking stems from having the wrong idea of what networking should be.

Diane defines networking as “building relationships before you need them” and “the transference of trust”. She discusses how powerful it is to just switch our mindsets from “what can I get right now” to “how can I help”. This helps us realize that networking is the middle piece instead of the final step in building new relationships. Such a simple change will have a hugely positive impact on our approach, resulting in more meaningful, supportive, and lasting connections – with less stress!

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