Consulting and Freelancing: Should you go out on your own?, by Great Careers/BENG

Consulting and Freelancing: Should you go out on your own? is FREE courtesy of Great Careers/BENG

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In this Great Careers webinar presentation, Rashmi Narsana, CEO & Founder of CGT Connects and Matt Hugg, President & Founder of Nonprofit.Courses answer questions on lessons learned when starting a business, such as:

● What prompted you to start your own business?
● Did you come from a family that owned a business?
● What determined the kind of business you started?
● What was the number one challenge in getting started?
● How do you find clients?
● How do you bill for your services? By a time period? By the job? Another way?
● Don’t I have to be an extrovert to get into consulting?
● How do I let people know that I’m in business?
● What made you stick to your business?
● Does your business look the same as it did when you started?
● Have you ever thought of giving up your business in getting a paycheck job again?
● What have you done for business infrastructure, like accounting, insurance, computers and other things?
● What role has you are family take it in your business?
● How do you keep your skills updated?
● Self employment can be pretty isolating. How do you connect with others, and for what purposes?
● You any formal or informal mentors as you develop your business?
● Are there any books or resources you could recommend for people who are starting in consulting?

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