Course Creation for the Nonprofit Audience

This Course is FREE courtesy Cindy Nicholson, The Course Whisperer

1 Lesson/ 60+ minutes / FREE

You have expertise that someone needs – whether that’s your staff, your volunteers, or the world. 

But today (and for who knows how long?) live seminars are a non-starter.

That’s why the demand for recorded online education and training courses for nonprofits is exploding!

But you have questions… 

  • What format do you use?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • Will it be expensive?

And certainly more.
In short: how do you get started?

That’s why Matt Hugg, President and Founder of Nonprofit.Courses, and Cindy Nicholson (AKA “The Course Whisperer”) are teaming up to bring you “Course Creation for the Nonprofit Audience: a Kickstart”

This is a free, one-hour mini-course on how to get started to build online courses.