a Development Plan That Works

Create a Development Plan That Works

4 Lessons / $299 / Approved for 3.75 CFRE Hours

This course brought to you by Linda Lysakowski.

See Create a Development Plan That Works

Wonder why your development plans never get implemented? Often plans sit on a shelf, or in a computer file, never to be seen again, because the right people were not involved, the goals were not clear, there were no measurable action steps in place, and/or there were no metrics in place to measure success.

In this four-lesson course, you will learn:

  • How to get started in developing your plan
  • Who needs to be involved
  • What a comprehensive development plan should look like
  • How to implement and evaluate the plan.

Lesson Summary:

  • Lesson One: What is a Development Plan & Why You Need One—what the development plan is and is not, why you need one—there are many reasons but primarily helps you stay on track and not get derailed by every shiny object that comes down the road.
  • Lesson Two: Who Should Be Involved and Where to Get the Information You Need—development staff, other staff, board, volunteers, donors, and consultants should be involved in your planning process and each will have some of the information you need.
  • Lesson Three: What Your Plan Should Look Like-including samples and templates showing goals, objectives, strategies, and action steps needed for a successful plan.
  • Lesson Four: Implementing and Evaluating the Plan—once the plan is developed who will implement it, how will it be evaluated, and how it can serve as a guide for the next plan.

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