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Cultivation Fundamentals to Engage your Board and Increase your Fundraising Success, by Supporting World Hope

Cultivation Fundamentals to Engage your Board and Increase your Fundraising Success is FREE courtesy of Supporting World Hope

1 Lesson / 41 Minutes / FREE

Let the Mission of Your Nonprofit Inspire Your Donors!
You have set a goal towards fundraising, but you struggle to engage your donors with the mission of your organization. Often, there is frustration and overwhelm coming from a team that does not know how to solve the organization’s issues. This problem is affecting how your nonprofit delivers its mission. Let’s restructure your fundraising cycle and focus on donor cultivation. Watch Now!

Reconstruct Your Cultivation Process to get your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Goals Done!
During the webinar, you will gain an understanding of the benefits of relationship building. You will learn the difference between cultivation and stewardship and feel more confident in visiting with people. Join Now!

Engage your Board in Cultivation resulting in New Donors!
After attending the webinar, you will have a detailed plan on how to engage your board in cultivation. As well, you will get access to a sample cultivation plan and details on how to facilitate your board completing that plan. Expect by the end of this webinar to acquire the right knowledge and steps so you can take action in creating a cultivation plan that will increase your fundraising success. Watch Now!

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