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Customer Service Best Practices for Social Media, by Lorman

Customer Service Best Practices for Social Media is brought to you by Lorman

Learn how to better utilize social media to increase customer satisfaction.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are savvy and knowledgeable when it comes to their services and products, but are slow to implement social media platforms and technology. They’re often unsure how to use them so it benefits their company and their clients (as in chatbots), or how to use it to set up credibility (as in Facebook®), or how to manage complaints that appear on social media. This topic will help close these gaps of knowledge. We’ll talk about chatbots – what they are, how to set them up, and best practices for messaging. We’ll also talk about how to set up and secure your Facebook® page, how to use it to spread your message, and ads. And finally, we’ll cover the best course of action to take when managing online customer complaints.

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