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Cyber Risk Insurance Policies: Is Your Company Covered?, by Lorman

Cyber Risk Insurance Policies: Is Your Company Covered? is brought to you by Lorman

This course will provide practical information and advice regarding obtaining and preserving insurance coverage for a cyber/data breach, including a ransomware incident. The material will provide an overview of the threat landscape, including emerging trends in cyber attacks. Our presenters will address the core terms of coverage under and limitations of a typical cyber policy, as well as other types of policies that may provide coverage for a cyber-related loss, including advice for negotiating optimal coverage. They will discuss coverage for secondary risks that frequently result from a cyber/data breach and review how risk managers, in-house lawyers, IT and audit professionals, and security officers can preserve coverage in the event of a breach and protect the company’s bottom line. To help illustrate these points, they will draw upon and share multiple real-world examples from their legal practice.

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