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Cyber Risk Management Roles and Responsibilities

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1 Lesson / $55 / 2 CPE hours

With technology such an important aspect of how business is conducted, the players that should be actively involved in a cyber program have expended. When it comes to cyber issues, many may relinquish the responsibilities to the office of the CIO. However, as outlined in various elements of the NIST Cyber Risk Management Framework, organizations must consider the need for assignments and roles beyond the office of the CIO. This course will cover various components of roles and responsibilities within a strong cyber risk management program.

Topics Covered

  • The concept of a cybersecurity program
  • Various threats to be managed by individuals within CRM roles
  • Actions professionals and organizations can take towards prevention of cyber incidents
  • Types of cyber risk management roles and critical responsibilities
  • Role categories via the NIST cyber framework
  • Elements of the IT infrastructure that are critical for the various roles to manage
  • Relevant policies, procedures and standards that are critical for professionals executing cyber risk management roles