Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Masterclass

Decentralized Finance Course

DeFi enables parties to trade in a peer-to-peer (i.e., decentralized) fashion the traditional elements of the financial supply chain (e.g., deposits, loans, financial assets) by replacing traditional currency (e.g., dollars, euros) with stable-coins (i.e., cryptocurrency tokens pegged to that currency) and replacing the intermediary (i.e., the financial institution) with blockchain-based smart contracts that run autonomously on a permissionless blockchain protocol (Ethereum for the most part).

This 101 Blockchains course is ideal for blockchain enthusiasts who understand the immense potential of the blockchain-based financial supply chain but want to avoid the inherent threat presented by the high volatility and speculative nature of the cryptocurrencies traded on current exchange platforms. The DeFi construct is being developed to exactly remove this concern.

In this course, 101 Blockchains Research experts will share their latest findings on the DeFi foundational elements and display the current DeFi taxonomy that will help you identify the technical building blocks and stay ahead of the curve as a trusted enterprise blockchain professional. You will be able to develop solutions and applications after learning from the course the current DeFi use cases.

What we will cover to get you build your DeFi expertise:

  • How to explain DeFi to your clients and colleagues (and why should you do it)
  • What is the scope and purpose of DeFi 
  • How DeFi tools and products are already being used today
  • Building your career in DeFi without being necessarily a trader
  • Become an enterprise DeFi expert

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