Develop a Gift Range Chart and Personalized Gift Strings

Develop a Gift Range Chart and Personalized Gift Strings

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So, do you think that gift range charts are for capital campaigns or significant fundraising efforts only?

Well, think again. Even your small to mid-sized fundraising shop should be using a gift range chart to focus your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts and calendar year-end campaign time is no exclusion.

So, to get you started, I will share some easy “how to” steps to

  • Develop a gift range chart for your specific fundraising goal
  • Provide some concrete suggestions on how you can begin to immediately use this fundraising tool to focus your efforts on having the greatest immediate impact
  • Help you create custom gift strings for a variety of identified donor segments i.e. major donors, lapsed donors, etc.
  • And provide thoughts on how to use the gift range chart to monitor and report on your efforts.

Learn the easy step-by-step instructions to maximize your calendar year-end giving. Get started today before it is too late.