Developing an Engaged Workforce, by Lorman

Developing an Engaged Workforce is brought to you by Lorman

People join communities or groups because they feel like they belong and have a purpose.

Your organization is one big community and therefore as a leader, you must invite them to join a seat at the table where they will feel valued and have a sense of belonging. Organizations that do a good job at making employees feel that this a place where they want to stay and belong, will enjoy all the benefits of a stronger connected community. Learn to apply practical tips and take actionable steps in leading the employee on an engaged journey within the workplace. Storytelling comes to life by sharing the ingredients for what the passionate employee needs in order to create touchpoints into the soul that provides purpose and meaning in their work. This topic builds on the employee experience and provides low cost, simple strategies that empowers employees and puts the control and choice in their lap for the ultimate experience.

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