Nonprofit Board Giving

Nonprofit Board Giving

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This FREE Course is courtesy of your instructor, Linda Lysakowski

Wait! Don’t Fire Your Board (Yet) Because They Don’t Give.

You know that Nonprofit Board Giving is Critical.

Are you thinking it’s time to get rid of board members who don’t give? Wait, maybe that means you’ll have to fire them all! Is it their fault, your fault, the board chair’s fault, or can we blame it on something else–global warming, the price of gas, legalized marijuana, ANYTHING BUT REALITY!

In this webinar, you’ll learn the real reasons why many boards don’t have 100 percent giving, and what you can do about it if yours is one of them.

Your instructor, Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE, had more than thirty years’ experience as a nonprofit staff member, consultant, and board member, so she’s going to give you her secrets for getting boards to give. You’ll hear some good, bad, and ugly stories about board giving.

Don’t Fire Your Board Members (Yet) Because They Don’t Give