Do’s and Don’ts for Internal Investigations of Employment Issues, by Lorman

Do’s and Don’ts for Internal Investigations of Employment Issues is brought to you by Lorman

Learn the proper way to conduct an internal investigation to ensure you’re in compliance and not leaving anything out.

No matter how proactive we try to be in our organizations, things still happen that result in employee complaints. It could be a harassment or discrimination problem, a safety concern, complaints about bullying, or the ubiquitous favoritism complaint. This presentation will help those involved in a company’s complaint process to choose the right investigator and avoid the common problems that arise during investigations. An investigation’s purpose is to reduce a company’s liability around an incident. But failing to conduct the investigation properly can cause its own risk management problems. Attending this webinar will ensure that anyone who conducts investigations has the tools to avoid the major problems that can occur during an investigation and produce an end product that will assist the company should an agency or court become involved in the problem at some point in time.

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