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Effecting Change Through Policy Advocacy Session 3, by Nonprofit Utopia

Effecting Change Through Policy Advocacy Session 3 is FREE courtesy of Nonprofit Utopia

1 Lesson / 77 Minutes / FREE

16 views Streamed live on Oct 19, 2021 Generally speaking, when we think of organizational capacity building, we think of activities like board development, strategic planning and program evaluation. One often overlooked method for improving organizational capacity is developing issue advocacy campaigns. Not only do issue advocacy campaigns help develop leadership capacity for staff and stakeholders, but they can effect systems change, creating the environment to produce positive outcomes for your clients, communities and organizations.

Valerie F. Leonard, the Founder of Nonprofit Utopia, LLC, will walk you through the process of creating issue advocacy campaigns and engaging community and public officials. Nonprofit Utopia members will have access to handouts to help them implement lessons learned immediately.

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