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Effective Fundraising Techniques for Nonprofit Organizations

Effective Fundraising Techniques for Nonprofit Organizations is brought to you by Lorman

Learn the keys to successful fundraising for your nonprofit organizations.

Many nonprofit organizations limit their financial support on limited ways of fundraising to support their mission, either out of habit, or out of a limited knowledge of the elements in a diversified fundraising plan. This reliance on habit or lack of knowledge limits their ability to sustain and grow their impact. Especially in today’s environment, facing the challenges of the recent pandemic, it is critical that nonprofit organizations get back to basics and expand their resource development efforts to maintain and grow their impact. This topic is fast-paced and practical, as it details the key elements in a diversified resource development plan that any nonprofit can, and should, implement as well as easy ideas and tips for success. The presenter is a fundraising pro with more than 50 years of experience who will share practical and useful ideas that nonprofits can put to work immediately, including how to get board members and other volunteers involved in fundraising, and a warning about an often-missed IRS Form 990 opportunity.

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