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Effective Verbal Communication – How You Say It Makes a Difference, by Lorman

Effective Verbal Communication – How You Say It Makes a Difference is brought to you by Lorman

Learn successful and practical techniques to become a highly effective communicator.

Everyone has experienced some type of problems that have been stemmed by misunderstanding in the workplace as well as in our personal life as well. These misunderstandings cost organizations and individuals a loss in time, loss of money, and more importantly a loss of trust within the team. These misunderstandings occur for a variety of reasons including but not limited to unclear objectives, use of imprecise language, and nonverbal messaging that is not congruent with the verbal statement. Training your teams to think about how they are verbally communicating with those around them on a daily, hourly, and even a minute-by-minute basis is one of the first steps your organization may provide to set the precedence of how important verbal communication is to the success of your organization. This topic will teach you the definition of verbal communication, why your words make a difference in your message, how nonverbal communication reinforces or negates your message, and ten strategies to engage your personnel in building positive relationships with their audience.

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